Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Resolutions For Your Home

 Every year around this time, most people set their New Year's resolutions for the upcoming year. These are usually things that people hope will improve their health, happiness, or maintain these things in your life.  Well, your home is no exception to needing these things as well.  After all, a home doesn't just take care of itself.  So to help insure a long healthy life for your home and the things inside of it, take note of these things on this list and get them done at least once a year.

1. Replace air filters
2. Install carbon monoxide detectors. It's now the law
3. Check and/or replace the batteries in all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 
4. Call your local termite company to have them inspect and treat your home.
5. Clean out your gutters and down spouts of all debris.
6. Change filters in all water supply systems.
7. Update your home insurance policy.
8. Have your HVAC system serviced for the year.
9. Clean fireplace of all ashes and look to see if you may need it professionally cleaned or maintained. 
10. Clean your roof of all dry leaves and check for leaks, especially around skylights, vents and your chimney.
11. If you have granite counters, have them inspected and possibly serviced to be resealed.
12. Check the caulking around your counter tops, sinks, showers and tubs and other areas to see if new caulking is necessary.
13. Call me if you are thinking of buying or selling your home this year and have a wonderful beginning to your 2016.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Home Safety Tips For The Holidays

It is the holiday season and while this is a happy of a time filled with lots of fun, it can also be a great time for criminals as well.  It's the thing we would rather not have to deal with and think about, but in reality, we live in a big city and taking per-cautions is the best way to prevent crime in and around our homes. I attend my neighborhood watch meetings regularly and am active within my neighborhood as well so here are some tips to staying safe this time of year that I have gathered for you:

1. Keep your front porch and back door lights on at night, or have a sensor motion light.  Not only does it detour people lurking in the dark, but it just feels safe to see what is around you and your neighbor's house when you can see.  Fact is, most home break-ins happen during the day.  But for the other crimes that happen at night, this is a simple way to shed some light on the subject.

2. If you are home during the day, and someone knocks at your door, don't be afraid to speak up and loudly and ask them to leave if they are not there for a purpose you want to open the door for.  A lot of criminals will actually walk up to your front door and knock first to make sure no one is home. Then when they hear nothing, they break in.  So if you are home, speak up.

3. If you leave town, make sure you have the paper and mail stopped or picked up while you are gone.  A build up of papers on the driveway is a clear sign for a criminal to make a move.

4. Let your neighbors know if you will be out of town.  They will be around and know if something looks suspicious while you are not home.

5. Do Not leave anything in your car that is visible. No shopping bags, diaper bags, purses, ipods and phones or even phone chords. According to my Senior Lead Police officer, car break ins are a crime of opportunity.  This means the criminals aren't usually pulling on the handle of every car they come across.  They typically just walk past a car, see something, and decide to take it.

6. Try a driveway alarm. A neighbor of mine suggested this saying that it rings a bell in her house if someone walks past it if they are on her driveway.

7. Try having packages delivered to a work address or a friend or family member you know is home during the day to take it for you. It is becoming more common that packages are being taken right from our front doors. Or maybe even consider making the dreadful drive down to the UPS or Fedex store to pick it up if it is a concern for your.

8.  When you have people coming into your home to do work (cable guy, plumber, handyman etc...) keep your home information to yourself and don't share so much.  If you have a dog, don't tell them the dog doesn't bite.  Just put the dog in a room and let it bark. It's best if strangers think you have a four legged security system home all day. And don't mention your plans for Christmas Day or New Year's eve or any other time you won't be home. There is still a way to be friendly without giving out too much info.

9.  And as most of us are on social networking sites, keep your postings limited if you are out of town. Try sharing your vacation photos and experiences once you get back rather than while you are away.

I hope these are some useful tips for you and your home during the holidays, and year-round.  If you have any more you would like to share, feel free to post them in the comment section. And as always, if you are looking to buy, sell or lease, please call me.  I am always here to help. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips For Selling Your Home Around The Holidays

Some people think that having their home for sale toward the end of the year when the holidays are here is not a good idea.  They think that maybe there will be no or little buyers or perhaps they just don't want to go through a sale near the holidays. But I can tell you that selling at this time of the year is usually a very good idea.  There is less to choose from to buy, therefore your home has less competition and that is a good thing. So, if you are one of the sellers out there right now, here are a few tips on how to show your house well.

1. Light the fireplace if it's chilli outside. A lit fireplace is one of the best ways to make a nice ambiance in your home.

2. Have some holiday scents wafting through the air.  Bake some cookies and leave them sitting out.     Or boil some water with cinnamon sticks in it.  Try getting some fresh rosemary and warming it up to release the smell.

3. Don't be afraid to hang the stockings or display your Minora. A house that feels loved always shows better.

4.  Make sure you've had your heater checked and it works well. Walking into a cold house can be a big turn off.

5.  If you live in an area that freezes, make sure your side walk is safe and free of icy areas.

6.  If you have a nice yard or a home with a view, consider buying a portable outdoor fire pit from your local hardware store and having that lit.

If you are selling right now, I wish you and your sale the best. If you have not listed your home yet, but are thinking about doing it in the new year, call me. The beginning of the year is also a good time to sell before the spring approaches. Call me and I'll tell you why and as always, I am always here to help.



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Do I Sell My Home When I Need the Money From The Sale To Make My Next Purchase?

There is no way around it...this isn't always something that is done with ease. Buying a new home and trying to sell your current one at the same time can sometimes feel like being a trapeze artist and trying to catch one rope while letting go of another at the same time. I mean, when you submit an offer for a home, in order to get it accepted, you need to show on paper that you have the money needed for the down payment. So how do you show you have the money ready to go, if you don't have the money ready to go, right?  Because if you need to sell your current home in order to get that money to buy the next home, then how do you go about doing this? And how do you work with the time frame in order to get this done in a good time?
So for starters, let's say the home you are looking to buy is $800k and you plan on putting down $160k for this home. Most all this money you need to make the purchase will be money you will receive from the sale of your current home.So here are a few common options that you can look over when you are in this scenario:

  1. Ask a relative or someone you know if you can borrow the money temporarily until your current home sells. While I've seen this before, it may not be common that everyone has someone to turn to for a sizable loan like that. So here are some other choices you can make. 
  2. You can make a plan to sell your home, get that money you need, then move into a temporary     living space until you buy your next home. This works for some but can be hard or impossible for others to make a double move and store their things in the meantime.
  3. When you put your home up for sale, you may ask for a "rent back" for a specific period of time. This means that a buyer will buy your home, then rent it back to you and you will then be a tenant to the new buyer. For a lot of people, this is a good option. This is something you have to agree at the accepting of a buyer's offer.  Most of the time, this is no longer than a 60 day period of time. So, the catch with this option is that you will have to find a home and have an accepted offer pretty quickly after your current home closes on the sale. Because, don't forget, once your new home purchase accepts your offer, there is a time period of about 30 days (sometimes more) before the new house is yours. And sometimes purchasing a home can have hiccups that can delay the sale or even terminate the transaction in the middle of it. So with this option it will be best to have a good Plan B just in case (such as option #2)
  4. When you go to make an offer on the next home, you can make this offer contingent upon the sale of your current home. (which means your offer is only valid when your first home sells) But honestly speaking, we are in a market where it is very likely that the house you want to buy will just go with a more simple offer that doesn't require that waiting period. But if that is not the case, than this may be a good option for you.



      Wednesday, December 4, 2013

      What Stays With My House When I Sell It?

      Here's the thing...your realtor should go over a list of things that stays with the house when you sell it, but this doesn't always happen. I guess they assume you should know but it happens time and time again where buyers will walk into their newly purchased home and say "Where's the chandelier?" or "Weren't we suppose to get the refrigerator?" So when your agent writes an offer or you are going over an offer for your home, you should carefully read the section "Items included in and excluded from the purchase" or check to see if things were added on a separate addendum.  But here is the rule of thumb of what should stay with your house when you sell it (and you should Always double check this with your agent or lawyer)
      Things That Should Stay:
      ceiling fans
      attached light fixtures such as sconces and chandeliers
      drapes and curtains
      curtain rods
      towel racks
      attached toilet paper rolls holders
      garbage disposal
      water filtration systems
      cabinet hardware and handles
      security systems
      door and window screens
      fireplace logs if gas
      stove if it is attached
      oven racks
      all pluming and electrical
      microwave if it is installed
      built-in bookshelves or storage shelves
      smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
      solar system
      outdoor grill if installed
      any plants and trees that are in-ground
      light bulbs
      face plates
      wine racks or refrigerator if they are installed
      bathroom mirrors if they are installed
      hot tubs and spas should be written as to whether they stay or go

      There is a section on the offer where you can check the refrigerator, stove and washer and dryer as to whether they will stay with the house as part of the sale or not. Please be sure to ask your agent about these! While I see a lot differences between buyers and sellers, this is definitely one of the top disputes that occurs on a regular basis. So when you are selling, if you have any questions about anything you want to take with you, talk about it with your agent and if you want to be extra per-cautious, have them write it in the contract as well.


      And as always, if you are in the LA area and thinking of buying, selling or leasing, please give me a call. I am always here to help 323.828.7777

      Thursday, November 28, 2013

      Sold! Great Townhome in a Great Area of NoHo

      This condo was built in the past 6 years so it has all the new features and comforts someone is looking for.  It also has personal touches such as custom painting, custom closets, new and updated light features, as well as a lovely wine room that looks like it is straight out of something you'd see in NY with the brick wall features. It is super close to all the new restaurants and bars that are popping up all over NoHo as well as the Metro subway which takes you to downtown, Hollywood, LB, and Pasadena.  It is also located in a residential neighborhood which is great since you don't have to deal with facing a busy main street. Congratulations to the buyer of this beautiful condo!

      Monday, November 25, 2013

      Checklist of Places to Contact to Update Your Address When Moving

      When you are ready to move there are a lot of places you need to contact to update your mailing address.  I have put together a list of most of the places you should have on your check list to update your mailing address.
      1. credit card companies
      2. bank accounts
      3. stocks or other investment accounts
      4. DMV for your license
      5. car registration (which can be different from DMV in some states)
      6. any online ordering sites you use such as amazon, ebay, overstock,, target, petmeds, shutterfly etc..
      7. magazine and newspaper subscriptions
      8. medical insurance and offices
      9. car insurance
      10. home owners or renters insurance
      11. life insurance
      12. your place(s) of employment
      13. home phone company
      14. home internet company
      15. cell phone company
      16. cable company
      17. All utilities companies including gas, electric, water, garbage etc...
      18. any government agencies you may be using such as social security, medicare, unemployment, disability, veterans services etc...
      19. magazine/newspaper subscription services
      20. any unions you may belong to
      21. colleges and alumni
      22. your children's school, nursery, or daycare provider
      23. your place of worship
      24. Landscape service you use
      25. Your Union
      26. All Productions you may receive tax records from or residuals on
      27. United States Postal Services (here you can pick up a form at your local office and turn it in there or go to and change your address online...there is a fee to do it online though for identity verification purposes)

      I know some people have more on their list than this but I hope this helps when you are ready to move.  And when you begin to start thinking about making that move, call me, I am here to help you buy, sell, or lease.

      Are you paying too much for rent in the Valley?

      Are you paying too much for rent?  Well, I guess if I ask that question to any renters, they answer would most likely be "yes...fact is LA is an expensive place to live. But I just saw this article on Sherman Oaks patch where they have a map of different areas and what people are paying for rent vs how much income they earn. It really is shocking...check it out

      Thursday, November 21, 2013

      Smoking In Your Own Home May Be Illegal

      If you live in California, then you know we have a number of different smoking bans that prohibit certain areas from any smoking.  We see it at parks, beaches, all work places, bars and restaurants, and there are notices posted in most public buildings saying that smoking is not allowed within a certain distance of the building. If you have a minor in your car, you could be fined for smoking there as well.  But what about in your own home?  I know what some people may be thinking..."It's my home, I own it and I can do as I want"...right?  Well, it's just not that cut and dry.  There are so many people here that own a home that share walls and common spaces with other people.  We have a lot of owners of condos, townhomes, and other multi-family residences out here.  So if you own and live in one of those, should you be allowed to smoke?  Or on the other hand, should you have to live with someone else's cigarette smoke? I'm sure this is a hot topic on both sides of the coin but one California town has just banned smoking in homes where walls are shared. San Rafael has taken the step to say you can no longer smoke within your home if you share walls with another home. And my guess is, this will be the first of many towns to move toward a smoke-free living environment.  So be prepared LA...I'm sure some of our towns aren't far behind this one. Read more of the article here


      Tuesday, November 19, 2013

      Good Things To Know About Income Taxes & Buying A Home

      I'm writing this particular blog at this time because I have a few clients that are wanting to hold off on buying a home till after they do their taxes this next year.  So, it got me thinking about how income taxes, how and when you file them, and how that can affect buying a home. So here are just a few key points:

      1. While you may be able to get pre-qualifed to buy a home based on your income taxes that you just had done, it may take up to 30 days after your taxes are filed before you can actually enter into a contract to buy a home.  Reason being is that it takes about that long before the government logs your taxes that you've just filed and they are usable for your loan officer to work with. So, if you are needing to have your taxes done before you purchase a home, do them sooner than later.

      2. If you are someone who files a 1099 for your income taxes, then it is likely you have some write-offs you incorporate into your income taxes from business expenses. If you are looking to buy a home in the next year or so and you file a 1099, you will want to talk to your tax adviser as well as a loan officer Long before your house hunting process starts. We have a lot of people who file 1099's here in LA and so it is very common that we see people who make a very good living, but can't qualify for a loan.  And the reason is that when people write things off from their personal income, it reflects how much income is seen actually seen as being "earned".  So if you've been writing off a lot for a number of years, it may take a year, or two or even three of doing your taxes differently before you may be able to qualify for that home you want depending on how much you earn and how much you've written off.

      3. Property taxes are a great write off every year...but remember this: While you can write off points from a loan and certain fees from the purchase of a home, property taxes will be prorated depending on when your home was purchased.  So unless you've owned that home for the full year, you won't receive the full year of tax benefits for owning that home until the following full year.

      4. If you change the way you file taxes in the middle of the year, such as going from a W2 to a Schedule C or from a Schedule C to an S Corp then please talk to a loan officer as soon as possible if you are thinking of buying a home in the next year. They will need to guide you through how to best do this. 

      So I hope those few points can help you out but the biggest point I should make, is that you should be talking with your tax adviser as well as a loan officer long before your home search begins. And if you don't have a loan officer, I have a great one I've worked with many times who can help guide you through all these tax related questions as well as many other questions you may have about purchasing a home. Feel free to contact Michael Razak at or 818.288.6851  Tell him I sent you. And when you are ready to buy or sell, give me a call. I am always here to help.


      Tuesday, November 5, 2013

      Walking In My Clients Shoes

      It's actually been a short while since I've been on here and added an article. And the reason is that I am now in my client's shoes and selling my home and moving.  I never take for granted how stressful this process can be. I try really hard to answer all the questions that come my way and empathize with my clients during this time that can be very exciting and very overwhelming.  But here I am...going through it all myself.  Luckily, I know about all the contracts and the 101 papers I have to sign, what they mean and what my time frames are so that helps. But I've often been asked...if you own a home and looking to buy another one, how do you go about doing that?  Especially if you don't have the other down payment for the new house already available without having to sell your current house.  And when can you start looking for a new home and put an offer in? So, when I get a little more settled with my own move, I will write about all the options, and sometimes the stressful lack-there-of, and how to work around these obstacles. So keep an eye out soon for that to come and until that time, if you have any real estate needs, even in the middle of moving, I'm never too busy to help you so give me a call. 

      Saturday, November 2, 2013

      Medecino Farms Sherman Oaks

      Well, they finally opened up on Ventura Blvd just west of where the new Ralph's will be. I have a feeling all these new shops are very exciting to the neighbors. At least, if I lived there, I would be happy. But I work right across the street so I guess that I good enough. Medecino Farms is not a place I had ever eaten before but when they opened up they brought a little sample box of sandwiches and salads to my office for us to try (and what a good idea on their part). Their food is really good...and so fresh. I'm very excited to have another place to choose for lunch. The only thing missing is a cross walk to get there since it's a really long block to walk to the light for...but, that's not going to stop me. Welcome to the neighborhood Medecino Farms!

      Friday, October 25, 2013

      Tune in to HGTV To See Me

      This coming Sunday, October 27th, I will be on HGTV's House Hunter's Renovation. See myself and my associate Judy as we help a great couple find and fix their home right here in LA.

      Sunday, October 20, 2013

      Real Estate Market or Roller Coaster?

      It is October 2013 and the real estate market this year has really been looking like a roller coaster over the past 12 months. I could barely beg my clients last year during the summer to buy...then around November/December my phone was ringing off the hook for many months. The rates took a slight climb around June and things started to slow down (compared to the speedier prior 6 months).  The summer looked like the ride was leveling off and going at a good pace.  Now, I'm wondering if we will repeat the look of last year or just coast till Spring of next year.  These things now are evident...once again, we are starting to see a lack of homes for sale. The homes that were out there, were selling if they were priced right but there seems to have been a shift that coincided with the recent government shut down (or maybe it's just because the seasonal holidays are coming closer but I'd like to blame it on the shut down anyway:) But here is my prediction for the winter months to come and how the real estate market will fare. And if you've been following my blog for a couple years now, you know I have been right on about my predictions. But as my husband says...I can't always be right...we'll see about that.  Fact is, these holiday months are typically a slow time in house sales. Most people don't want to move around holidays and cold/wet weather.  But last year didn't keep anyone from going out and looking and the places that were for sale were snatched up the minute they had a for sale sign out front. I think if you are thinking about selling, this may be a good time to market your house. Reason being is that again, there won't be much competition out there. And yes, rates have wiggled around again but lets face it folks, they don't look to be going back down again, they are still remarkable rates, and there is only one way for them to go from here...and I think buyers are thinking that exact same thing and they don't want to gamble with where the rates will be in the spring. I don't think we will have the frenzy we had last year with house sales but I think if you market and price your house well, you will have a great chance of selling it to a great buyer with great conditions on your side. And if you are a buyer out there looking to buy, I think you will start to see a lack of homes to choose from. That being said, that doesn't mean there won't be any good homes out just takes one home to fit you to be the right home and when you find it, I suggest you move quickly and don't dilly dally. I think we will see one more small climb on this roller coaster before it takes it's tracks to a smooth level ride.  But we will see.  And that is my prediction for the winter of 2013/2014. Please call me if you live in the Los Angeles area and are thinking about buying or selling your home. I am always happy to help.

      Tuesday, October 8, 2013

      Questions You Should Be Asking Agents Regarding Listing Your Home

      So you are thinking about selling your home and now you need to hire a real estate agent to help you. Most likely, you are going to interview with some agents that you just get a good feeling from.  But what else do you need to know about them and the job they are going to do for you? Well, here are some questions you may want to ask:

      1. How often do you directly communicate updates to me- verbal vs. writing?

      2. What is your sale ratio? (how many have you sold vs how many were cancelled/expired or taken off the market?)

      3. Do you or your company charge any other “fees” besides the commission we agree upon?

      4. What is the average length of time for your listings to sell?
      5. How quickly is my property exposed to the market and other brokers?

      6. What type of social media do you use and how will you use it to promote my property? And how else do you advertise my home?

      7. Can I see examples of the flyers or mailers, as well as the photographer's work you will use to promote my home? 

      8. Tell me the pros and cons of listing my place higher or lower than what you suggest the price should be. 

      9. Do you suggest to have open houses? Agent caravan's open houses? Private showings where you meet the buyer here? A lock box on my property? A sale sign out front or not?

      10. If you leave town, or are unavailable for any reason while my house is for sale, what is the plan? 

      11. What separates you from your competition?

      12. If I hire you to list my home, can you, or would you, submit offers that you wrote for perspective buyers and if so, what are the pros and cons of doing that?


      And as always, when you are thinking about buying and selling your home, please consider calling me. I am happy to help you anytime.

      Thursday, October 3, 2013

      Sherman Oaks Street Fair 2013

      Can you think of any reason to head to Ventura Blvd if you know it's going to be packed with thousands of people? I can! The Sherman Oaks street fair is coming on Sunday October 20. It will be crazy with tons on live music, activities for the kids (yes I will be bringing mine), local business sponsors with booths, and all of our neighbors in one spot! It's going on from 10-6 between Kester and Van Nuys. See you there.  Find more info here

      Wednesday, October 2, 2013

      Why You Shouldn't Wait To Submit An Offer

      I see it too often...I'm out showing clients homes and they see one they like. Then, they tell me to keep an eye on the home and keep in touch with the other agent to see if any other offers come in. Don't do it folks! You will not be doing yourself any favors in this market. When the market is super hot, sometimes an agent will use the first offer that comes in as a bar to which they will ask the other agents submitting offers to exceed. But the market has leveled out somewhat and we aren't fighting a lot of other buyers for all the homes out there. But...that's not to say that there won't be other buyers interested in the same home you are. So if you see a home you like, put in an offer right away.  I know that instinctively we may feel better about our home choice if someone else wants it too, right?  Or maybe we think that if no one else is putting an offer on it, that maybe they see something wrong that you don't see. I know you are thinking these things. But fact is, you want to avoid being in a multiply offer situation. And that is really the key because as soon as more than one offer comes in, then your room for negotiation gets less and the price may go up. So, if you see a house you like, go for it...and don't wait to be in a bidding war.

      Tuesday, October 1, 2013

      5 Projects That Lower A Home's Value

      I read this article online that lists 5 projects that lower a home's value. I don't necessarily agree that they "lower" the value but they may not be things that help show your home either. Here are a few they didn't mention that I think can really hurt your home's value:

      - Adding a bedroom where the only entrance is through another bedroom

      - Removing the entrance to the on-suite bathroom in a bedroom or remodeling your master bedroom to have an open floor plan that includes a bathroom with no separating walls (I call this the divorce-maker)

      - Adding a pool to your back yard that takes up the whole yard

      - Remodeling your home 1 room at a time and having each area not matching the next.
       ie different flooring in each room or an ultra modern styled bathroom with a Tuscan styled kitchen and den

      - adding any square footage or rooms that create a bad flow to the house's overall layout

       Read the article with the other 5 things here

      Monday, September 30, 2013

      If Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words..What Do The Ones About Your House Say?

      Part of our job in selling your house is to make it look as nice as it can. We do things like ask for some houses to be staged with rented furniture, or ask you to store away some furniture or personal items.  We may want some plants or flowers to be added to the front yard and for the roof to be cleaned of all debris. And all this would be for nothing if the photos that were taken didn't show your house well. Photos are the first thing that draws a buyer in. Everyone is online these days and everyone is looking through photos of your house. So, what do your photos say about your house?  Don't take the day of the photo shoot lightly. Here are some tips to make some great photos for your house:

      -Clean your house as best you can.

      -Make sure you have bright light bulbs in place to capture the light.

      -Try to set the appointment time for your photo shoot at a time of day that brings the most light inside your house. If you have a terrific view or a dynamic property, you may need 2 times to shoot, one during the day for inside shots, and one during the golden hour when the sun is setting and can bring the romantic light to the outside photos.

      - Be sure to ask the photographer to take photos of things you find special or different about your house. Things like a 3 or more car garage, a spectacular fireplace, guest quarters with a separate entrance or perhaps a wine cellar. If you have stairs, or an elevator, be sure to get them in part of one of the photos.

      - Turn your blinds a bit upward if your window has a view of something undesirable like a neighbor's house.

      - Children's rooms can be lovely in photos but de-cluttered the room if your child has a lot of toys.

      - Light the fireplace

      - Wash your windows and mirrors. Streaks and dirt can show up in photos.

      - Make sure you have photos taken of the bathrooms and kitchen. Sometimes, some homes have updated on but not the other, so we see photos of an updated bath but no photos of a kitchen at all, or vice versa.  Unless that room is in complete disarray, this does no good. Buyers will wonder, and probably assume, something is majorly wrong with your kitchen if there are no photos. And it could be a selling point that you haven't updated the kitchen yet. There are buyers out there that are looking for a project of their own to do.

      Be sure to ask your Realtor if you can look at previous photos of listings they have had so you can see what the photographer does with their photos. Don't miss this important step in selling your house. It's the first thing buyers will see and if the photos aren't done well, they may never make it into your front door to see the rest.
       Best of luck with selling your house and if you haven't began to work with a real estate agent, please give me a call. I would love to help!

          I had to add these photos just to show you what NOT to do in your house when having photos taken. And please ask your realtor to show you the photos before they are posted so yours don't look like this (and by the way, these are not as nearly bad as some that are out there)

      These could have been such nice photos if they had only taken the trash bag off the counter handle in the kitchen, and cleared the counters. And the bathroom just needed to have the shower door shut, the towel removed, cabinet drawer shut, counters cleared and mirrors cleaned.


      Monday, September 23, 2013

      Fabulous NoHo Townhome Just Listed

      This townhome was built in 2006 and offers 1,420 sqft with 2 bedrooms plus an office space, 2 1/2 baths, custom closets, private 2 car garage, ample storage, a patio and balcony, and a wine storage room. The home has upgrades such as high ceilings, crown moldings, recessed lighting, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and washer/dryer hookups in the unit. Currently asking $448,000. For photos, floor plan and more information visit
      Below the photos, find a list of places that are Less than 1 mile from this home. Great location if you don't want to use your car.

      Restaurants, Bars and Coffee shops:

      The Federal Bar    .7 miles

      Pitfire Artisan Pizza    .8 miles

      Daphnes’s California Greek    .7 miles

      Panera Bread    .7 miles

      Fish Dish Grilled Seafood    .7 miles

      Miss Peaches Soul Food Eatery    .2 miles

      In-and-out Burger    .2 miles

      Republic of Pie    .9 miles

      Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf    .7 miles

      Starbuck’s coffee    .8 miles

      Big Wang’s    .7 miles

      Salomi Indian Restaurant    .8 miles

      Chipotle Mexican Grill    .8 miles

      Eat    .9 miles

      Brickyard Pub    .9 miles
      Eclectic Wine and Bar    .9 miles

      Entertainment and Theaters:

      Laemmle 7 NoHo    .8 miles

      NoHo Arts Center    .9 miles

      El Portal Theater    .7 miles

      Fitness and Health:

      24 Hour Fitness    .7 miles

      At One Fitness    .9 miles

      YMCA    .9 miles

      Body Image    .8 miles

      Body Theory    .8 miles

      Parks and Recreation:

      North Hollywood park    .6 miles

      Tiara Street Park    .4 miles

      Other Services and amenities:

      Metro Rail    .6 miles

      Post Office    .6 miles

      North Hollywood Library    .7 miles

      NoHo Farmer’s Market    .7 miles