Thursday, March 22, 2018

Feds Raise Rates Again And Expect More Raises To Get Back To A More NORMAL Rate

Feds just raised the rates again by a small amount as they all agree the market is healthy and this is the best time to raise them.  They mentioned raising them 2 more times this year an they expect to raise them 3 times next year.  Does this mean the house prices will go down? The market will drop? What should you make of this news?  Here is the most important part of this article:

 ..."it expects to increase rates another two times this year as it pursues a return to more normal interest rate levels."

The reason I believe this part of the article is the most important is because I've been preaching about our very low interest rates for years. They've lasted this long but won't last forever and this is major.  If you are thinking about buying...don't wait! You may be out of luck by next year if/when rates are continuously raised.  

My professional experience leads me to believe that this will not cause house prices to drop. At least not this year. And for those of you that have been holding out on buying...stop. The rates are the biggest factor in home buying and I suggest you move on them before they rise back to normal

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