Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rumor has it, the Playboy Mansion is going up for sale

Whether you agree with everything Playboy stands for or not, there is no arguing The Playboy Mansion is one of LA's most well known homes.  And it seems as if this Hollywood landmark is going up for sale near the asking price of $200 million according to Curbed LA This mansion has been home to some of the hottest parties for decades which included a guest list of some of the hottest and most famous people from around the world. The Gothic style mansion was built in the late 1920's and became Hugh Hefner's home in 1971.  While the price of the home is no where near comparable sales in the area, there is great hope that who ever purchases the home will pay a bit more than the actual value of the house itself AKA The Grotto tax!  And I can actually say that I too, got to be on the guest list to The Playboy Mansion for a charity event years ago. Glad I was able to see the house and be a part of Hollywood history before it changes owners.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Porter Ranch Gas Leak: State of Emergency

Porter Ranch, CA has been swimming in a gas leak for months now.  The nearby Aliso Canyon storage facility has a problem on their hands and it seems as if no one has a definite answer or date as to when or how this will be resolved.  Residents in and near Porter Ranch have complained of the smell coming from the gas as well as possible health issues resulting from the leak as well.  As a real estate agent, I have received many calls asking to help relocate people from the area while they are searching for a solution. All of this is taking a huge effect on the people that live there, the businesses that depend on that area, the schools, day cares and much much more. If you're not familiar with Porter Ranch, it is an area in the northern part of Los Angeles located within the San Fernando Valley just above Encino, Van Nuys, and Northridge and just below Santa Clarita which is separated by the Santa Susana mountains. Residents of this area are relying on relocation companies to help them pay for temporary housing while the issue is being addressed.  But Porter Ranch is by no means just a few houses. It holds a lot of people.  And LA already has a tight rental market so this whole process has left many families calling local hotels home for now.  Governor Brown just declared this a State of Emergency  But we all wonder, what are the effects of this that have yet to be seen?  We know this will have an effect on the home owner's property value, at least for the near future, but how long will last?  And what about the animals that live in and around this mountain range? And by the way, with all the rain we are having, does that wash the gas into the soil and streams?  I'd sure like to know!

Before And After Photos of Homes

I should really start posting before and after photos of what some if my clients have done with their homes.  I am so impressed with the vision and follow-through of some of these!  So here is just a starter of my future blogs with some of these!  A wonderful couple bought a home in NoHo just a few months back and look at the love they have already put into it! 
Cheers to Erica and Nick!  I can't wait to see the inside. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rain Delay In LA

It looks like the rains are starting to come.  And this is a reminder that most automatic sprinkler systems have a rain delay setting which means it will skip a day of turning on to water your lawn.  Don't forget to use these or find out if you have one.  It will help with the water conservation and really help your water bill.