Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Broke My Own Advice I Give To Clients- And I'm Happy I Did

There are some things I advice to every client I work with.  One of them is to try to avoid personal interaction with the other party you are in a deal with, at least until the house is sold.  Meaning, if you are the sellers, don't be home while I'm showing your house to prospective buyers and also during inspections.  There are many reasons I highly advice this.  One is because people make things personal once they've met that should stay just business.  Another is, one party could unintentionally say something that the other party could use or hold against them.  That's one reason for a realtor to convey everything is because we know what and how to deliver information.

However, I couldn't be more happy that I went against my own advice.  See, when I was looking to buy my own home I made an appointment to see this one house.  I told their realtor I would be there around 1:00 PM but was very late due to traffic.  I had my kids in tow, my husband there too and we were looking through the home when the owners showed up.  They asked where our realtor was.  I explained to them I was the realtor and it was a purchase for myself.  The owners had grandkids and they brought a few toys out for my little ones while we looked around.  We spoke for a bit. I really loved the house.  And I immediately connected with the owners as well.  They were so nice and they had raised their own kids, now grown, in that home.  We bought the house and stayed in touch with the sellers.  They didn't move far and over the years they stopped by my house to get mail that still showed up. We exchanged holiday cards. Once, the wife took a bunch of grape leaves that had grown on a vine they planted and made some dolmas which she shared with us after making them.  There was no doubt they loved this home and they had no doubt that we would too.  Today I called them after a package was delivered in their name to the house.  I had just spoken with the wife a couple months back and knew she wasn't feeling well.  Her husband answered the phone.  "I have a package with your name on it here.  Would you like to pick it up or for me to drop it by your house?' I asked.  He said yes and was surprised the package was not delivered to his current home that he's now been in for years.  I asked how his wife was as I knew she wasn't feeling well.  He said she had passed this morning. My heart broke immediately.  I have an affinity for their family and especially his wife.  I knew she was sick.  She had shared her story with me over the years.  And as I write this I know, as I always have, that a house is much more that four walls.  It's memories, it's heartache, it's love, it's children and pets, it's holidays and neighbors.  And I am so happy I broke my own advice and met the sellers of my home.  Their love of this home is felt and my friendship with them is made by that special bond.  I will truly miss her.