Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 Things You Should Be Doing To Sell Your Home In Today's Market

It's May 2014 and the market is lighting up again.  Not only is this a big time for home owners to start listing homes with the summer approaching but interest rates are going down and this makes for a great time to position yourself to sell your home. So here are a few tips to get the best price and buyer for your home. 

First, if you haven't listed yet, you should talk with your realtor about stirring some buzz among other brokers before your house hits the market.  They should be talking about and pitching your home before it hits the MLS.  They should be talking about your home on all social media as well.  There is something about being able to get something that isn't available to the public that creates a great excitement with buyers which can lend some people to go ahead and put their best foot forward in terms of an offer right off the bat which can benefit you, the seller.

Second (and I've preached this one before but I find it so important, I have to say it again) Don't over price your home when selling it. In fact, pricing it just under the value will do you a world of good in the market.  And here is are likely to get multiple offers when people see your home and it's priced lower than the competition.  This will not only drive up the price when buyers compete for your home, but you will also have a selection of buyers to choose from which is good for you in terms of finding the most qualified one for your home. So price is strategically and not emotionally!

And lastly,  go ahead and get it ready to be shown today.  Don't wait. Go ahead and get the landscapping done, clean the inside and get the photos taken.  The rates have dropped again and buyers are eager to make a move so you should be ready to make yours today too.

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