Thursday, May 14, 2015

Remodeling: Cost VS Value 2015

The 2015 report is here! So if you are thinking about doing some small or big projects on your home, check out this website  They have taken data from every region and city to let you know what the Cost VS Value is in each project.  And by no surprise, here in LA some of the highest Value in remodeling comes from doing work to the outside of your home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What Is That Called?

There are so many features in a home that can make it unique or architecturally appealing.  And as I walk clients through a home a point some of these out, I have heard many people say "Oh, I never knew what that was called".  So I thought it would be fun to put together a blog with some fun features in and around the home that you probably have seen but may not know the name to.
 This is a Baja step.  These are large shallow steps where you can place a pool chair or just sit without having to go all the way in the pool. Sometimes they also have small holes meant to hold umbrellas.
 This is a chair rail. It's a type of wooden molding typically put about 1/3 of the way up a wall to add detail to a room.
 You'll typically find these under the top corner of a door way or on the outside of a building under the eaves.  It is called a Corbel.  This one is a counter top Corbel. You'll see a lot of these on old European buildings and churches as well as Colonial architecture and while this one in the photo is pretty simple, they can be quite ornate. 
 This feature above the door is called a Pediment. You will see these on most Colonial style homes and they can be pointed, curved, or "broken" like the one you see here in the photo.
 If you've ever admired homes in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, you've probably seen this.  Called a Porte-Coch√®re, it is meant to protect a car (or horse and buggy) from the weather when getting in and out.  We now see these a lot a hotel fronts to allow guests to get in and out or their cars and to the front desk without getting rained on if the weather is not favorable.
 Coffered Ceilings are one of my favorite details in a home. Typically seen in the more affluent homes, this really adds a touch of elegance to room.
 You will see these in many backyards in LA. It's called a Pergola and can be free standing, attached to the back of a home. Sometimes you will even find plants such as Wisteria growing from the top.  They add a great place for shade from the summer sun.
Wainscoting was something many New England and Southern homes had in them and they really look nice in many rooms.  They are making a huge come-back as Cape Cod style homes are seen being built everywhere.

This is a Tray Ceiling.  This gives a room dimension and like in this picture, some people paint it to give it that extra touch.

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