Thursday, July 16, 2015

One Escrow Closed and Another One Opened

I have two first time buyers this month.  One that just closed on a home and another that opened escrow on another.  Congratulation to them both! I couldn't be more excited to help some really great people find their first home. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Top Things People Forget To Look For When Buying A Home

It happens to the best of them.  Buyers walk into a home, look around, get a good feeling about the place and forget to look for some important, and even needful, things they want in a home.  Here are some of the top things that people seem to overlook when looking for a home.
1. Kitchen Pantry
 Not all homes have them. So if yours doesn't, is there a place you can store your food?
2. Place to put/hang the TV
Some homes may have a smaller TV on display that you own.  Or some homes are staged with no TV on display.  So is there a good place to put yours in that home?
3. Garage or parking area
Garage conversions are common here in LA since so many people want more square footage or sometimes a guest unit ,and that is really useful.  But does it leave a place for you and your guests to park your car?
4. Bath tub 
Not all people need them but for the ones that do, make sure that you have one in your bathroom as opposed to just a standing shower.
5. Microwave 
The reason why I tell my clients to look for a microwave isn't because it's a very important item that needs to come with a home, but if there isn't one already there and you bought one, does that leave enough counter space in the kitchen for you?
6. Access door to the back yard 
 Some homes only have one door to the back yard and that door is through a bedroom. Nothing wrong with that, but does it work for you?
7. Central AC and Heat in every room
 Yup. Even as hot as it may get in some areas of LA, there are quite a few that either don't get hot enough for long enough that AC was ever needed by the previous owners, or some homes that are older just may not have put in central AC or least in every room.

      If you are looking to buy or sell, please call me.  I am always here to help!