Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Did You Receive A Super High DWP Bill Too?

If so, you're not alone.  I'm hearing it from everyone lately that they have gotten bills in the thousands from DWP here in Los Angeles.  I also got one of these bills in March after moving in December and was SHOCKED at how much my bill was.  After calling LADWP (and of course sitting on hold forever before speaking with someone) it was explained to me by an employee that DWP changed the way in which they read the meters and bill their customers.  With this new change came a "back up" in their system and some customers, like myself, received bills that were for 4 or 5 months worth of bills all in one. So, here is my warning to everyone out there who uses LADWP, keep track of when you are receiving your bills and if you don't receive one for quite some time, then save up the money you would be using to pay it normally because you may get hit with a large bill where they have added a number of months together all on one bill.  For further information and reviews from customers, you can visit the Consumer Affairs website below or go directly to LADWP website.

And as always, if you have any real estate needs please call me.  I am always here to help!
Amber Dolle

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ohio In The House!

Just an odd coincidence or not but I leased a home to a great girl and her kids just a while ago and they were from Ohio.  Then I sold a condo to a really cool girl a couple months ago, who also, is from Ohio.  And now, I have this great couple who is looking to buy their first home together and low-and-behold, she is from Ohio.  So...I guess if you are from Ohio and looking for a home, I'm your go-to girl in LA.  Call me


My Own Home Buying Experince: Part 3

Well, if you read My Home Buying Experience: part 2 you know that I put an offer in on a home where they were asking $60,000 more than the home across the street that had a huge view and sold just a few months ago (pretty much the same house in all regards). They decided not to respond to my offer which they felt was low but I felt was more in line with the comps and what it was really worth.  Well, this realtor came back to me and asked me to resubmit my offer a few weeks later.  He said they had already had an offer that was near the asking price a few weeks back and that is why they would not consider my first offer.  So, I resubmitted the same offer as before. And as I wrote in my last blog, the home across the street sold for $60k less than what this home we were interested in was asking.  And according to the photos of that house that sold, it looked very nice and was completely remodeled. While this home we put an offer on and remodeled their downstairs but nothing upstairs. After speaking with the listing agent, he asked me if I had personally walked through the house that sold and I told him I had not.  He told me that the house had renters in it before it sold and that the photos were extremely deceiving, that the renters had really left the house in poor shape and that is why it sold at the price it did.  So I did my homework and called the agents that sold that home across the street and asked them about the house and the condition that it was in when it sold.  I was told that there were renters in the home but that they moved out and that is when the owner spent a lot of money to remodel the home then sell it.  I was extremely disappointed in this listing agent...I feel it is people like him that give good realtors a bad name.  And I know that there are many many more great realtors out there than the slimy ones but unfortunately, there are still some.  My husband and I were firm with our original offer which was more reflective of what the home's value would be at but again, they decided not to take the offer.  So, that just tells me that this is not the right home for us and that the right one will come up soon.  Moving on.....