Friday, January 20, 2017

Best Time To Buy A Home Is When It Is Raining

Yes, that's right.  The best time to buy a home is when it's raining.  And here's why...if you haven't heard, most people in LA melt in the rain. So there typically aren't a lot of people looking at homes when it's rainy.  So if you happen to see a home on a weekend when it's been raining and put an offer on it, you are likely to be up to less competition from other buyer.  Another great reason to buy a home during a rainy time is that is the best time to see what an inspector has to say about the home when it's been through some wetter weather.  Can he see any leaks from the roof? Are there any areas of the home where water intrusion is happening? Does the landscaping or slope of the property puddle or hold water? And if you are in the hills, what does the street the home is on look like during a down pour?  Do you see any structures you would worry about because of the rain? So, while we love our sunny warm weather here in LA, our city and homes weren't always designed with a lot of rain in mind and therefore something as simple as rain can tell us a lot about whether or not a home will be a good buy.  So, while it's raining, get out there and see some houses. I have my rain boots and jacket ready to go so call me when you are ready to buy or sell. 

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