Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pacific Union International is My New Company

I started with the John Aaroe Group when I first became a realtor.  John Aaroe appealed to me with his vast knowledge of the industry, the respect that people had for him, his focus on the agents in the office and his ever-gracious way about him.  Just a few months ago, he decided it was time to go sit by a warm beach, watch the waves and drink a frozen concoction with an umbrella in it (ok...I'm making that up since that's what retirement looks like in my imagination).  None-the-less, he retired and our company became known as Pacific Union International.  Pacific Union was already a force in Northern California and they wanted to spread their wings and be a part of the hot SoCal market as well.  So, I'm still me, doing business as usual but just with a new company name.  I look forward to helping you buy and sell your home and investments with all the same drive, professionalism and personal touch that I've done in all the years past.  Happy 2018 and I'm always here to help!


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